Exclusive Opportunity for Realtors!

Your ad/link shows on these Networks a minimum of 5000 impressions a month per 6 miles of the location you choose anywhere in the world!

 We add an automatic page load Pop Up to your Landing Page!

They can text in to get updated features 1 time per week for a month!

You will get notified you have a new lead by text message!

Step 1.   Consult required to customize your campaign needs


Step 2.   We then go over how it works for your business/cost


Step 3.   Sign up after going over pricing/terms based on volume (6 month agreement required, +1 time set up fee)


Step 4.   Shannon designs media copy for signage and promotion and sets up your keywords, campaigns & trains you on your dashboards


Step 5.   Launch and your audience opts in from their phone!


You can now send mass mobile texts with links, pics and more!

"Let's discuss your questions!"
Shannon Panaro

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