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Create, Be Seen, Make Impact

Mobile Marketing Platform Strategy
SMS Text Marketing
MMS Text Marketing 
Reputation and Review Management
Listing Management
Social Media Content Marketing
Website Visitor Email Capture
Lead Conversion Audit
Mobile Responsive Website
Automation Implementation with CRM Buildout
CRM Consultation and Recommendation
SMS services other than for Marketing Purposes
Digital Billboard Marketing and Inventory


"Mobile Marketing and Communication can be used for any type of business. My philosophy encompasses using Creativity for New Customer Generation with Retention, Communication, and Engagement. Making a lasting impact is key to any business model and is instrumental in building Brand Loyalty.  I specialize in Text Message or SMS Marketing, which supersedes the reach of email and social media marketing. With 25 years of Digital and Social Media sales experience, I have found this to be the most effective and cost-efficient way to communicate with customers. When you take this holistic approach, you close the gap in reaching customers.  My focus is on implementing an omni-platform for businesses that are serious about communication with their customers, prospects, or organization members as a way to increase revenue and offer added value to their services. "


Examples of  Clients and Success Stories will be furnished upon consultation. Services may include various vendors according to the individual client's need but are vetted and approved by Shannon Panaro with negotiated premium pricing within Shannon's professional network which has been cultivated throughout her career. 


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